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Full Spectrum WINNING at the GAME Of MONEY with Lynn M Brown


A new consciousness around Money is emerging on the planet. Lynn is leading people into that consciousness shift. From there she can guide you onto the new physical platform.

She does this by showing you how money works on the Mental, Physical And Spiritual planes. Helping you to navigate through the mechanics of financial expansion which is in alignment with your ultimate highest good, goals, and objectives for your life.

“The feeling of abundance and prosperity is a way of being, a state of life. It is not about money, yet money is one of the many forms it plays out into the physical form.” – Lynn M Brown

“When we learn about something, when we participate in something, we begin to Master it. Most people are not even aware of the metaphysical aspects of money and abundance. Most people are too fearful to participate in the physical aspects of money. Therefor it is mastering us.” Lynn M Brown


Program Available Now! Call or email Lynn to find out more! lynn@fullspectrumfinance.com 844-246-8648

Watch Money as Consciousness by Lynn M. Brown

Lynn is Introducing The World to The Consciousness of Money. Are You Ready to Get IntoIt?!

Lynn’s Services

We all have limiting beliefs which we accumulate from our life experiences, ancestors, and past lives. These beliefs block our ability to receive the unlimited flow of abundance that the universe constantly offers to us.

Energy healings are an excellent way to release blocks and unwanted energies, and get your own energy flowing, so you can heal as well as increase your overall vitality and clarity.

“I wanted to thank you for coming to the CAP class and teaching us about money and prosperity. I haven’t done anything related to spirituality and cold hard cash together, and I’ve especially never considered gold/$/silver as having a unique consciousness.
A week after your class, I received (out of the blue) a $5,000 check, as well as several physical gifts totaling at least $600+ all from different people and places. I was so amazed! This stuff works!”
Jessica B.
“I recently had the opportunity to join Lynn Brown on a road trip to Mt. Shasta. Even though my finances seemed tight, I took a leap of faith that everything would work out.
Halfway thru our trip together, 3 clients contacted me wanting to purchase gift certificates! Another client contacted me wanting to purchase a treatment package of massages …I told Lynn over tea… “Every time I hang out w/ You & work w/ You money literally manifests & my consciousness of the energy of money expands!” $800 effortlessly manifested for business while on the trip w/ Lynn.
Tamela Graling

“We manifest our reality, which is from a place of unlimited resources. There is not a limit of abundance in the universe. There is a limit on the understanding of the power of our minds and our energy blueprint.”
-Lynn Brown

Launching Soon! Contact Lynn for details Lynn@FullSpectrumFinance.com

The Process:

This UNIQUE platform is designed to fully engage you in the MENTAL, PHYSICAL, AND ENERGETIC aspects of finance. THIS is Full Spectrum Finance.

This process will:

  • Empower you with Wisdom
  • Heal and expand your Energy around Abundance and Prosperity
  • Engage you in implementing a custom savings and investment strategy, propelling you towards your Financial and Life Goals.

Full Spectrum Finance is designed to be an annual, progressive program.

What to expect from the initial 1 year program:

  • One personal Money Blueprint energy reading
  • Personalized financial plan and strategy with ongoing coaching for ever changing goals and life situations. This includes account and investment guidance.
  • Monthly interactive videos to deepen your mental and energetic understanding of Money.
  • Quarterly videos (live workshops for Seattle area clients) on present time Money/Energy topics.
  • 30% of all proceeds paid to Full Spectrum Finance will go directly to uplifting the homeless community of the greater Seattle area.


  • While participating in this program, we will only use socially conscious investments that support the overall health of the planet and planetary systems.
  • A Full Spectrum of Physical Precious Metals are also available. www.FullSpectrumPreciousMetals.com
  • This stance is to keep this platform and its participants in alignment with the highest consciousness of Money with the goal of creating Abundance for ALL.

Your Questions Answered

  1. There is a progressive set of videos for you to continue into the second full year which also includes an annual comprehensive planning review.
  2. You can discontinue the Energy of Money and Comprehensive Planning service and just continue with your Asset Management through the Full Spectrum Finance platform.
  1. 25% of the total annual fee will be non-refundable. You are free to discontinue at any time with 1 month notice. Since you will be “pre-paying” quarterly (if on the quarterly payment program) you would simply opt out and discontinue payment.
  2. 25% of the total annual fee will be non-refundable. If you are on the annual payment program, you will receive the total fees not used retroactive to the end of the current quarter.
We will do these meetings via a combination of telephone, email, and/or virtual meetings through our on-line conference center.
  1. Pay Annually
  2. Pay Quarterly on auto pay
No, this process is designed to serve ALL. Energy, the power of your Mind, and Intuition are all aspects that we ALL have the ability to access and develop.
  1. No.
  2. If you would just like Intuitive Healing sessions with Lynn, you may directly contact her to set up a 1 hour session.

-No. This is to keep the purity and full intention of this platform operating at the highest level of consciousness.

-It is possible that after you have engaged in all of the Energy of Money videos available, that you would continue to be a Comprehensive Planning and Investment client on this platform.

OK. You would continue to participate in your Annual Planning reviews, goal tracking, and ongoing financial coaching.

Please consult with a tax adviser on this answer. The annual fee’s for the program DO qualify as “professional advice”.

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