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Lynn works with individuals, teams, and groups to enhance their lives, heal ailments, and increase overall ability to manifest the life they desire. Her management and coaching background enables her to teach spirit tools in a way that everyday people can understand and immediately use. 

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Lynn’s unique coaching and mentoring approach became a cornerstone as she took her athletic achievements, management skills and passion for helping others. As a multi-talented coach, mentor and intuitive, Lynn has created powerful methods and tools to help people create abundance in all areas of their lives. 

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The Show: Get IntoIT – Winning at the Game of Life!

Lynn Brown is an Intuitive-Healer and Medium with a versatile background in finance, high caliber athletics and leadership. As the owner of IntoIt Apparel  and RaaNess of Life, Lynn works with individuals, teams, and groups to enhance their lives, heal ailments, and increase their overall ability to manifest the life they desire. Lynn hosts “Get IntoIt- Winning at the Game of Life,” a radio show that focuses on bringing the magic of soul into various aspects of your day to day life. Lynn’s skills enable her to teach spirit tools in an understandable way that you can immediately use; helping you to remember how to connect with yourself as a spiritual being with unlimited abilities.

Get INTOIT Radio - Winning at the Game of Life

Reviews From Around The Globe

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
I feel great about EVERYTHING!!! I definitely feel like I have more “tools” in my “tool box” after Saturday’s workshop! :)”
Elicia Leivia
“Lynn was very accurate and she was so clear in explaining everything to me. She’s even described my personality to a T. It was the coolest thing ever. I left feeling so positive and happy. It was as if she released all of the bad energy surrounding me and let my energy flow. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I felt so at peace driving home. My mind and heart was in the right place and despite all of the stress I’ve been dealing with, I felt peaceful. I highly recommend Lynn to all of you.”
Devina Wijaya
“Lynn Brown trained professional basketball players to improve their focus and confidence as professional athletes.
She also taught them exercises to practice in order maximizing energy force at home.
She has been amazing how she can teach and motivate professional level of athletes.
I have been treating professional athletes for 15 years. Athlete needs to keep training their focus and confidence.
I strongly believe that Lynn’s energy workshop helps not only increase their motivation but also improve performance.
Since Lynn was a one of top athlete in the United States, she understands really well about athlete’s mind, their challenges and what athletes need. I have confident to ask Lynn to take care of my professional team just because of Lynn, her passion and power she has.”
Dr. Koki Kobata
“I have always known that Lynn has a special touch. I’ve seen her energy healing on animals in distress as well as people. I’ve also experienced Lynn’s energy healing on my back, which is now pain free. She has an amazing gift to share with you.”
Gale Brown
“Lynn is a genuine, sincere, and very knowledgeable intuitive. Without knowing me, or even anything about me, she was able to express my feelings regarding the struggles I’ve experienced, and gave me excellent guidance. I highly recommend her because she is genuine, trustworthy, and extremely gifted, she is the real deal. Lynn also gave a distance healing to my mother which was very beneficial in helping to ease the pain she has been experiencing.”

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