GET INTOIT!…Winning at The Game of Life

“We manifest our reality, which is from a place of unlimited resources. There is not a limit of abundance in the universe. There is a limit on the understanding of the power of our minds and our energy blueprint.” -Lynn Brown


Simply put, Energy healings are an excellent way to release blocks and unwanted energies, and get your own energy flowing, so you can heal as well as increase your overall vitality and clarity.

Lynn Brown is an intuitive, energy healer and medium with a versatile background in finance, athletics and leadership. As the owner of RaaNess of Life,LLC and IntoIt Apparel, Lynn works with individuals, teams, and groups to enhance their lives, heal ailments, and increase their overall
ability to manifest the life they desire.

Lynn hosts “Get Intoit- Winning at the Game of Life,” a radio show that focuses on bringing the magic of soul into various aspects of your day to day life. Lynn’s management and coaching background enable her to teach spirit tools in an understandable way that you can immediately use; helping you to remember how to connect with yourself as a spiritual being with natural spiritual abilities.

  • Intuitive Aura Reading
  • Aura Healing – Energy Healing
  • Abundance Reading and Chakra Clearing
  • Corporate and Business Readings

Winning at the Game of Life!

GetintoIT! Winning at the game of Life Radio!

  • Tune in as I share the world of Intuition with people across the globe.
  • I take everyday aspects of peoples lives and infuse them with the magic of soul.
  • So, we can all LIVE LARGE.


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