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Need to kick off your annual conference or retreat, conduct a staff breakout session or inspire a group within your organization? Lynn can deliver a motivating, energetic, humorous, fact-filled, informational presentation. No matter what style of keynote presentation you’re looking for, Lynn’s keynote speaking service can deliver.

  • Consciousness of Money – What if you could truly speak to the consciousness of Money? Intuitive and Financial Expert Lynn Brown does, and there are 4 thing the Spirit of Money wants you to know NOW.
  • Intuition in Your Business or Corporation-
    What if you have in inherent edge already built within you that you are not currently tapping into? What if this edge could give you clarity into people, projects, and decisions that would align you and our team with your companies full cosmic potential? Lynn is showing Businesses just how to do this and how easy it really is.
  • 5 Skills I Embodied as an Athlete That Keep Me Winning at The Game of Life! – Learn these skills and apply them to your everyday life. The power of your mind and intentions can make you are break you; learn how to OWN THEM.



Lynn’s Services

We all have limiting beliefs which we accumulate from our life experiences, ancestors, and past lives. These beliefs block our ability to receive the unlimited flow of abundance that the universe constantly offers to us.
Energy healings are an excellent way to release blocks and unwanted energies, and get your own energy flowing, so you can heal as well as increase your overall vitality and clarity.
In an Aura Reading, I look at the energy in the first seven layers of your aura and explain how each layer corresponds with different aspects of your person life as well as things your may help you to move forward on your divine path . The second half of the reading is a chance for you to ask questions that may be on your mind.
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