GetintoIT! The Full Spectrum life changing coaching and learning method

My time with you will provide thought provoking insight into yourself; including passions, fears, gifts, self made limitations, and many times the joy of simply being “seen” as your true essence without judgement. You will also gain tools that can be used every day, helping you to remember how to connect with yourself as a spiritual being with natural spiritual abilities.

GetintoIT with Lynn!

We all have limiting beliefs which we accumulate from our life experiences, ancestors, and past lives. These beliefs block our ability to receive the unlimited flow of abundance that the universe constantly offers to us.

  • Lynn is able to work with people in person as well as over the phone, internet, skype
  • Distance is not a road block with energy work!


Group Sessions for Athletic Teams, Groups, and Businesses

Enhance your overall performance and ability to reach your goals. Now that I am aware of my gifts as an Intuitive, I can transfer my success of the very competitive world of sports and business to others by teaching them some very powerful tools.


Some More INCREDIBLE Services in the GetintoIT Spectrum!

  • Abundance Reading and Chakra Clearing
  • Intuitive Aura Reading
  • Corporate and Business Readings
  • Group Sessions for Athletic Teams, Groups, and Businesses
  • Aura Healing – Energy Healing


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Lynn is able to work over the phone or in person. She has a location in Kent, Washington State. Please contact for additional information, to set up sessions, or to inquire about workshops and/or other services.