Get Intoit!!!
Start Winning The Game of Life.

Lynn takes everyday aspects of your life and infuses them with the magic of Soul.

Lynn Brown is an intuitive, energy healer and medium with a versatile background in finance, athletics and leadership. As the owner of RaaNess of Life,LLC and IntoIt Apparel, Lynn works with individuals, teams, and groups to enhance their lives, heal ailments, and increase their overall ability to manifest the life they desire.

Lynn’s time with you will provide thought provoking insight into yourself; including passions, fears, gifts, self made limitations, and many times the joy of simply being “seen” as your true essence without judgement. You will also gain tools that can be used every day, helping you to remember how to connect with yourself as a spiritual being with natural spiritual abilities.

Lynn is able to work with people in person as well as over the phone, internet, skype. Distance is not a road block with energy work.

Lynn’s Skills and Expertise

CRPC® 90
PFS 85
Intuitive 75

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