This is a poem I wrote about 6 years ago now…it just streamed through me and I captured it on paper.

NOW that I REALLY understand the our relationship with the Great Central Sun this really holds a whole new meaning.

“Each ray of the sun-
warms me like you,
Enlightens me like you,
Penetrates me like you.

Attracts me closer and closer because I anxiously await the next perfect ray-
that will sweeten my day,
know just what to say,
my heart could never stray,

Each beam breads life into each unnurtured cell-
more hope than a wishing well,
more wisdom than a pearl in a shell,
more sweetness than one could ever smell.

You are my sunshine, if dusk arrives and takes you from me, you will rise as my moon, the fullest light in the dark sky-
You out-class the black tie,
A tear of luv springs with a glance from your eye,
Goose bumps arise as you caress my thigh.

Its time to sleep-
morning will come, do not worry, you are my sun. You will rise with me, fall with me, set with me, run the horizon with me. You are the one, my sun, this beautiful cycle will never be done.” – Lynn Brown