I want to share an experience with you, which will allow you to visualize and energetically access this Gold Temple of healing.

This is my experience, I invite you to have your own…and…enjoy!

From the center of the great silence, the I AM presence, I asked Jesus to be with me and stand before me. To offer me his ascended master consciousness. That I may be his knowledge of healing and light radiance.

He came before me, and behind him to his right was lady Mary and a Sheppard who had a white Shepard hat on and a Shepard stick.

Jesus said to me, “you are a Sheppard and you have walked with me before and you still walk “for me now”.

I noticed behind him that a palace appeared. A palace which had four corners which were like tall steeples made of pillars of gold. The center of the palace had a dome like roof.

We entered and there was a brown marble like floor but EVERYTHING else was made of gold. The walls, the ceilings, and they were not flat…everything was constructed of what appeared to be growing, alive, Gold. Almost like how stalagmites grow only more like the strands of celenite or tourmaline how they form in nature.

Jesus told me THIS is the Gold healing temple. I had been in the Jade healing temple in the etheric plane but never even imagined a gold healing temple. Once we were standing inside he encouraged me to allow IN, into every part of my beeing, the radiance of the gold which the palace was emitting. Oh, it felt wonderful.  I could feel the energy penetrating my muscles, my mind, everything at once. It took my breath away and gave me breath all at the same time.

He showed me how in this temple there is every form of gold which exists. Physical gold, liquid gold, gold effervescence which I could inhale, gold light rays, and then he put his hand on my heart and gold light came from his hands and entered my heart chakra and expanded it. It was a sensation of melting away old walls or constructs, coupled with immediate expansion of the heart center and the light within it. He then grabbed a peice of gold that looked like the shape of an ice cycle and slowly started placing it into my heart. Much like hiw the heart of the movie character Iron Man looked. The gold wands would melt into liquid Gold instantly as it entered. He did this several times. Then he place another directly into my kidney area. It also melted and I could feel it transform my kidney energy.
He then placed a thick blanket of gold on my left side and on my back just covering my kidney and spleen areas. I could feel the spleen cooling down a bit and the energy melt into my body.

He then inserted more chards of gold directly into my 3rd charkra and I watched it shift the energy of my 3rd chakra while expanding the light that it could hold and emitt.

Then I knew I was done for now. Wow. What a beautiful healing , experience, and place!
Holy is thy name.

Jesus' palace/ Golden Temple of HealingI then looked up Golden healing palace on the internet and this is the image that came up. Yes, this is VERY much what the palace that Jesus took me into looked like. Beautiful.





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