“Certain senses begin to reactivate or develop with the raising of one’s spiritual vibration or atunement.

One of these, which I have been shown is the smell of vibrations and more specifically,  the  smell of the 7 rays of Ascension, per color.

Let’s start with the blue flame of the Will of God. This smells very much like ocean air after a rain. Very cleansing and fresh smell to it.

The yellow flame of wisdom smells like a tropical flower with a very slight sweet undertone. I want to say Geranium but I am not sure that I consciously know what a Germanium smells like.

The pink ray of love smells like a rose which varies in intensity as the shade of the pink ray shifts.

The green ray of healing and precipitation smells like the combination of green fields and fresh apple orchards.

The golden flame of resurrection is almost a void of smell if that makes sense. It’s not like there is no smell, it is literally the smell of void and or vastness, openess, with a very very slight undertone of a yellow buttercup flower.

The dazzling white ray of ascension is even more of a stretch to capture the scent. It appears that as the vibration reaches the more white pure light, that it is harder to access. This makes sense to me. As I try to smell this ray, it is like smelling clouds. This irredescent white particles enter my nose and sinuses and mind like crystals of snow flakes or the smell of a sparkly snow field in the sun. This smell is definitely MORE of a feeling and sense of activity or activation than an aroma per se.

The Violet ray of ascension is surprisingly like a combination of the sweet blue smelly markers (then ones from childhood) and an ever so slight scent of lilacs. This one, out of all of them, seems the be most like a chamillion of smells. Like it can and does continuously alter it’s currents of smells as the currents of light and vibration within it, ebs and flows.”

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