Are the snakes stopping you?!?

Today I was enjoying a wonderful walk, and focused on the Olympic mountains directly in front of me, out in the distance. I appeared as I walked down the hill that this road led DIRECTLY to the beautiful mountain range…no cars in the way, NOTHING but the road between me and my “focus point”.

As I continued to walk and took my eyes off of the “focus point” I noticed a black figure about 1 block ahead on the side walk. This black figure lookedto me like a snake, wound up, about to strike. I don’t know about you, but snakes FREAKE me out! But I kept walking towards it…entranced in the ultimate beauty of the mountains “my focus point”. As I got closer to the object I checked it out one more time…it was ONLY a piece of a scrappy black trash bag. PHEW!!

I’m glad that my focus point, my goal, and my conviction to it was more important that letting what “could have been a snake”, stop my from proceeding forward.

I think this is a good example of what happens to people in life….they take their eyes off of the goal, the focus point…often times looking for things that “may” stop them…only to realize that if they kept their eyes on the goal, the black snake was only a MIRAGE that often times disappears by the time you even get to it.

Hope this story helps 🙂

Remember, what we focus on becomes our reality!